Acidity – The Aftermath of Unhealthy Food Habits

Majorly considered to be a set of problematic symptoms, acidity is the common medical term that represents an excessive production of acid in the stomach by the gastric glands, manifesting in the form of a burning sensation. Primarily linked to bad eating habits, the onset of acidity can be attributed to causes including stress and vices like smoking and alcoholism. Lifestyle related mistakes, like erratic eating schedules and sedentary lifestyle are also the causes. So, for all those who are not addicted to smoking and boozing, it is imperative for them to address these common symptoms squarely in their eye to avoid the progression of acidity.

The Aggravated Condition

The human stomach is a constant producer of gastric acids which aid in the digestion. However, when the system approaches a situation when there is no food in the stomach for these acids to work on, the high concentration of acids damage the stomach lining, ultimately leading to a troubled condition called acidity.

Causes for acidityacidity

A large number of people today are bearing the brunt of their unhealthy eating habits thereby falling prey to this troubled condition. It is for this purpose Zigy, the online pharmacy store offers relief to acidity patients through antacids which aid in nullifying the acidic concentration.

Prevention is always better than cure and in line with this adage, if we are able to avoid the causes of acidity, we will surely arrive at a positive state of health.

  1. Stress – Topping the list of primary causes of acidity is stress when the physical changes come across through emotional disturbances that the patient experiences, day in and day out. Constantly being under mental tension causes irritability and anxiety which ups the acidic formation in the stomach. Causing gastro-intestinal complications, it is imperative for patients to keep their stress levels under check through the use of online medicine that is enlisted on Zigy.
  2. Food – Majorly impacting meat lovers, acidity surfaces when people consume meat preparations which are spicy with unwarranted oil content.
  3. Medical causes– While the above two are categorized under lifestyle causes, the prolonged and unwarranted use of anti-inflammatory drugs is linked to the medicinal cause that aggravates the situation of acidity.

Last but not the least, in addition to vices like smoking and alcohol addiction, acidity is also triggered by peptic ulcers and stomach tumours which can be treated through the administration of Ayurvedic medicine for acidity.

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