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Dark magick of chaos

Chaos magick concentrates on the method of certainty and conviction and it proposes that the procedure of faith is the most crucial part of magick. According to the chaos magick, entity of conviction is not as crucial as the procedure of conviction is. For the flourishing declaration of chaos magick operations, chaos magicians accept and rebut situation of faiths and beliefs. This direction that puts pressure on flexibility being major benefit can be very threatening and irritating for the people whose personal distinctiveness needs the world to be in an ordered and consequential place. These people wants world to be in the proper order and concept of acceptiong changings is the exact expression of the nature’s factual reality can be disturbing for them.   Dark magick of chaos

The sacrament of chaos magick plans to obstruct the mind alertness and produce a condition of awareness that is known as gnosis state. Gnosis is the state of mind in which the coastal defenses of the mind are conquered and the goal of the magicians can be obsessed into the supreme that can be in the quanrum flux of the cosmos. Chaos magicians don’t distinguish chaos magick white or dark. Because, chaos magick is not introduced for those people who have not became successful in internalizing ethics and morality. Mostly chaos magician may describe chaos magic as the dark magic, but it is not because they are descriminating it as a wrong or an evil. It is just they refer the darkness to chaos magick’s ways or procedures that have to deal with darkness or black. In other words, chaos magick techniques treat the stuff that is concealed. Those chaos magicians who merely generate chaos and annihilation are the follower of Dark Path or Black magic. For the followers of Dark path or Black magic, there is a great hazard of gathering a cyclone. As the people who apend their life by means of a sword will also die through the sword.

We can consider the path of the chaos magick as the dark path. Chaos magicians do believe on different concepts discussed below that will make its path dark.

The cosmos that we are living in has been formed almost fifteen billion years back. The process of universe creation is not static rather it was developed through countless changes incalculable times. This procedure was necessary for evolvement and for the existence of present life on this universe. Ouroboros is known as the representation of demolition and formation as it cosumes itself to develop into a new one. Few chaos magicians overturn the whole procedure of disorganization for Chaos or to be incarnate as the Chaos gods. At the end every person gets what he has desired for whether good or bad, evil or good.

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