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Does Inzamam ul Haq hold the key to solving Pakistan cricket crisis?

Whenever Pakistan team faces defeat in the very initial stages of World Cup, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) takes extreme steps to show their concern for the team. Recently, Haroon Rasheed has been dismissed from the designation of Chief Selector of Pakistan cricket team and has been replaced by Inzamam-ul-Haq by PCB. Even few problems facing by Pakistan cricket team can be beyond Inzamam’s access, but still it seems to be a right decision by PCB.     

PCB launched Pakistan Super League and later Pakistan Cup 2016. It’s too early to decide if Inzamam will be able to get Pakistan cricket team on correct way as he should be given proper time to judge his abilities for this new task. As he is mentioning himself that he doesn’t have any magic stick. On the basis of his abilities and past record, we will analyze Inzamam’s crediantals for this new job. inzamam ul haq

As we all know Inzamam was retired from cricket nine years ago and previous chief selector Haroon Rasheed has played his last match on 1983. Therefore, on the basis of Inzamam’z recent experience we can expect improved performance from his side, as cricket evolves with time and being a recent cricketer he would be able to perform well. If we look at the performances of both present and preceding chief selector, we can see Inzamam has performed far better than Haroon Rasheed who was only able to play 12 ODIs himself. Therefore, it is more sensible to put burden of selecting unprocessed talent on Inzamam’s shoulders. Inzamam has also captained cricket team of Pakistan; therefore there are more chances that he would consider captain’s estimation too during team selection process.

However, beside all these plus points of Inzamam ul Haq, we can’t guarantee his success as a chief selector. As to cure a patient, we need a good doctor with the right equipments, same case is here PCB has selected right doctor Inzamam, but to ensure his good performance they should provide him practical domestic league. These leagues can help him to pick the right talent for Pakistan cricket team. Pakistan Super League (PSL) can be helpful regarding team selection, but it is not the complete solution. PCB needs to introduce few more competitive domestic leagues that besides providing entertainment can help him to select a real talent. Pakistan’s coming tour is against Egland and it is the time when Inzamam’s abilities as a chief selector will be tested and we all hope for his success in this new job

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