Take a Heritage Tour of Chennai With Its Famous Museums

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu in South India. It is exceptionally renowned for its business and the heritage that it has carried forward gracefully to the present day. The city has temples, beaches, parks, social destinations, and some noteworthy points of interest which make it one of the best tourist spots after Delhi and Mumbai. If you are a history lover, then a tour of Chennai’s museums is an ideal experience that you must delve into.

If you bump into surprisingly cheap flights from Mumbai to Chennai, and also if you happen to be a history enthusiast, then do not let go of the opportunity. Head to Chennai to explore the gifts of its heritage and what its past has been shrouding till now by taking an exclusive tour around some of the most famous museums of this city. You will simply love this whole experience.

  1. Fort MuseumFort museum Chennai

Built in the year 1948, the Fort Museum is overseen by the Archeological Survey of India as it exhibits esteemed objects unearthed by the archeologists. The Fort Museum lets us know about the ruling tenure of the Kings, British rule, the Muslims, and the East India Company. They showcase arms, outfits, awards, original copies, and so forth.

  1. Dakshina ChitraDakshina Chitra

 Dakshina Chitra is a heritage center delineating the photo of south India. Divided into 17 houses, the museum covers each and every aspect of the lifestyle and history of the south. One can observe the artisans of the villages, watch the folk dances of south India, take a look at the quaint articles of south India and much more. This heritage site, precisely, presents a vivid and an interesting picture of the splendour of south India.

  1. Government MuseumGovernment-Museum-Chennai-2-5250

Government Museum in Chennai is located in Egmore. It is the second most established historical center in India and has sprawls across 16.25 acres of land, which likewise makes it one of the biggest museums in the whole of Asia. The museum comprises of six distinct buildings and 46 exhibits, divided into a dedicated section, each of paleontology, zoology, organic science, geography, human studies and numismatics. There is also a theater in the historical center which is exceptionally alluring.

  1. Fort St. George Museum

The museum of Fort St. George is an extremely renowned historical place of interest in Chennai, which attracts enthusiasts from all over the world. A hefty portion of the articles displayed in the exhibits of this museum are things that were utilized for the war, such as, guns, swords and knives. There is a great deal of porcelain objects put on display here, which were utilized by the officers of the East India Company in the pre-independence times.

  1. Regional Rail MuseumRegional Rail Museum

The Regional Railway Museum is situated in Perambur and demonstrates the evolutionary and formative procedures of the Indian Railway. The museum was introduced in 2002 in the Integral Coach Factory, and comprises of diverse sorts of vehicles like bogies, trucks, and distinctive sorts of trains. The little models are an attraction for kids. This museum, undoubtedly, makes it to the list of tourist places in Chennai that you must not miss visiting.


You must be pretty much acquainted with the outer beauty of Chennai, which includes its expansive beaches, quaint temples and other points of interest, but if you want to really connect well with the history and heritage of this city, then do take a tour of these famous museums here.

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