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Tips to Hunt Deer with Minimum Efforts

It is not a revelation that deer is one of the fastest animals with extremely good hearing. This combination of speed and sensitive ears make it almost impossible to hunt. A hunter with years of experience can’t ensure success every time he goes out for hunting. Though it is a demanding task but you can increase your success rate by following some simple tips.

Know Hunting Ground

You must know your hunting ground if you want to hunt a nice and juicy deer within a day or two. You can get a map from a local store with hunting accessories but if you want to hunt in a less popular area whose map is hard to come by then your best shot is the Google map. You can take few print outs of your hunting region map. It will prevent you get lost in woods and you will be able to spot the best location to wait for deer. It is the most authentic way to get a map because Google keeps its map updated.

Select Binoculars Smartlybinoculars for hunting deers

There are several models of binoculars for hunting deer but you have to make the selection according to your physique and region. If your body allows you to carry big size binoculars then go for it because full size offers maximum resolution. If the hunting region is extremely dense then there is no need for high resolution because trees will not allow you to see far away. Standard six inches binoculars for hunting deer will work fine if you don’t sure about your requirements. It is important to get the best binocular because deer can smell and hear you from long distance and to neutralize this advantage you have to spot deer from a fair distance. You also have to keep in mind that nice binoculars are not enough, you also have to develop the sense of hunting to look at the right place at right time.

Get Rid of Human Odour

The scent of the human body and other industrial products alarms deer. It is recommended to take the shower with scent free soap because it will decrease your human odour.  It is important to use scent free soap because deer can distinguish industrial products smell from the natural smell of wood. After waiting for several hours you sweat will definitely spook deer. To handle this situation you will need deer scent that you can get from the hunting store. To set the platform for waiting, get a long wooden stick and adjust it in front of you. It will be better if you sit against the wind but if your direction is toward the wind then set the platform fairly above the ground and spray deer scent on the wooden rod below you. In this way, your odour will go above deer and they will only smell deer scent.

All these tips will help you to hunt deer without wasting several days in remote areas. All you need to do is to act smart and avail all opportunities.

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