A tourist guide to Delhi for first timers

Delhi is the first city that people like to visit when they come to the country. Not only because it is the capital city of the country, but also because it is a city full of energy and life. When in Delhi, you will never feel bored or dull. Thanks to the lovely monuments, interesting places and fun night life, Delhi will keep you busy by the night and by the day.travel

If you are planning for a One Day Delhi Tour Package, here is a list of things to keep in mind –

Languages spoken –

Hindi, Urdu, English, Punjabi and many other Indian languages are spoken in Delhi.

Festivals celebrated –

Diwali, Eid, Dussehra, Holi, Lohri, republic day and Independence Day are the major festivals celebrated in the city.

Best time to visit –

The climate will be pleasant in February and March. You can also visit the city in September and November. The weather is cool and also bearable. Winter will be very cold during December to January and summer is very hot from April to June. The rainy season which begins in June can be a spoiler to your travelling plans.

How to reach Delhi –

Delhi is well connected to many cities of India as well as other countries through rail, road and air.

Railway –

It is the cheapest way to travel to Delhi. There are basically three railway stations in Delhi, New Delhi railway station, old Delhi railway station and the Nizamuddin railway station. Trains coming from all the major and small cities in India stop at these railway stations. There are also other small stations like Anand Vihar, Delhi Cantt and Sarai Rohilla.

Airplane –

The Indira Gandhi International Airport is the luxurious and large airport in the country. The airport is the stop for both international and domestic planes that travel to daily on daily basis.

Road –

You can also visit Delhi by travelling in a bus or a taxi. The city has well maintained roads such as NH1, NH2, NH8, NH10 and NH20. Both government and private buses travel to Delhi on daily basis.

Cuisine –

Delhi is a potpourri of many cultures. You can see people from different religions, languages and cultures living together with great harmony. Hence, the city is filled with hotels and eateries that cater to the necessities of all the different people. You can get Punjabi wholesome meals with lassi, butter chicken and jalebi as well as south Indian idlis. There are Hyderabadi biryani stalls as well as Bengali, rajasthani, Guajarati and Kashmiri cuisines. You can also find hotels that cater to international clients who want Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean, English and Thai food. The must visit places are the food streets that sell chats, and sweets that are mouth watering and very tasty.

Delhi is a beautiful city filled with so many new things to see and learn. Delhi local tour is a nice idea if you want to explore the city and learn about it. Delhi has so many things to offer for all kinds of visitors who are not going back disappointed.

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